Class Harlan Referral was established as an alternative place for the part-time or retiring Realtor to hang their Real Estate license. As many of us know life takes us down many different paths, some that we can control and some that we can not. Sometimes it makes sense to have our Real Estate license active and sometimes it does not. What we try to avoid is looking back at life and regretting time we wasted. The Class Harlan Referral division is the place for Realtors to hang their license, not let it just expire and still take advantage of the time you devoted to being a Realtor. Getting your real estate license takes a lot of devoted time and money and for minimal time and money you can be a licensed referral agent with Class Harlan.

What is a Referral agent? A referral agent is someone who can refer a friend, family member, business associate, or past client to an Active Realtor to work with and the Referral Agent can collect a Referral fee. How nice is it to make a 25% or 30% referral fee without having to do anything more then a make a phone call to place the referral. The Class Harlan Referral division is here to help make the referral easy for you. We will help your Buyer/Seller lead find a qualified Realtor to work with them. Good to remember you can place a referral lead in Pennsylvania or across the World. Real Estate transactions are usually one of the biggest deals a consumer will ever make and often times a referral from a Retired Realtor is warmly welcomed.

What’s required to keep my license in the Referral division? An Active Real Estate licensee’s typical requirements are E&O insurance, Trend/multiple listing dues, and local and state board of association dues adding up to over $1,000.00 annually. That can be costly for someone not focusing on Real Estate sales as their primary source of income. For a mere $50 a year covering your E&O insurance and 14 hours of continuing education required every two years(classes can be taken at a Real Estate Education Institute or on-line) you can be a Referral Agent.

How do I make the change? It’s simple to make the change. As long as you have a current real estate license with any company in Pennsylvania or even one held in escrow with the State we can help.

Call us today to discuss in detail the benefits of becoming a Referral Agent. Whether you are a new agent who decided Real Estate was not for you or if you are a Realtor with years of experience and ready to switch gears, do not let all your hard work go to waste. Lets talk about how to generate income as a Referral Agent by sending real estate referrals all around the world.


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