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Pets Influence Home Buyers Decision Making Process

Your Pet is an Important Member of your Family!

If you’re a Pet Owner chances are a quiet street, a fenced yard, large shade trees, access to walking trails and a dog park nearby will appeal to you in your search for a new home!

Pets ARE part of your family!  Home buyers should talk open
ly to their Realtor about everything on their “wish list”.  Do you have a preferred location? How many bedrooms and baths do you need or want? Is a large yard important or do you prefer a smaller lot?  What about Schools?  Are you an existing home buyer or is new construction your preference? Think about Garage Space, Basement storage or additional living space, pool or no pool? Finally, when it comes to insuring the well-being and comfort of your pet you’ll want to give some thought to how your new home will work for them.

What home & community features are important to Pet Owners?

According to the National Association of Realtors Animal House Remodeling Impact Report, from 2016, 61% of US households own or planned to own a Pet in the future.  Some of the amenities homeowners with pets have found to be important include:  laminate flooring, washing stations, doggie/cat doors, cat litter closets, built-in spaces for dishware and pet beds.  Pet Owners also felt it important to live near Pet Supply Stores & Grooming Facilities, Dog Parks, Dog & Cat Day-Care Facilities, Kennels and the like.

Pets influence the home buying decision process

Many communities have Animal-Friendly shops, businesses and even patio dining where well behaved dogs are welcome on your dining excursions!   It is not unusual to see water bowls on the sidewalks when walking thru town centers such as Doylestown, New Hope, Newtown, Perkasie and Yardley!  In fact, many businesses that host a “Take your Child to Work Day” now even have a “Bring your Dog to Work Day!”

We love our Pets as much as you love yours!  We Get it!

In conclusion, if a home in a Pet-Friendly community is your goal, be sure to find a Realtor that “Gets It”!  Most of all you’ll want a Realtor who is knowledgeable about the resources available for Pet Owners in different communities.

A good place to start your search for the right Realtor is HERE. Many of us are Pet Owners ourselves. In addition, Class-Harlan Real Estate has been serving the real estate needs of the community since 1963.  Our team of experienced Realtors strive to exceed their clients’ expectations with professionalism and integrity seven days a week.  For real estate assistance, please call Class-Harlan Real Estate at 215-348-8111 or visit