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Settlement Day and Your Pre-Settlement Walk-Thru

Congratulations! It is Settlement Day…

You are headed to your final walk-thru prior to Settlement Day with your real estate professional filled with excitement.  Your head is likely spinning with the daunting tasks of unpacking and deciding furniture placement, paint colors, future family gatherings and the like.

The pre-settlement walk-thru is an important final step for home buyers to take prior to heading to the Settlement table to meet the home sellers. Your real estate professional will guide you thru the process that typically takes 30-45 minutes, depending on the size of the property.  You will want to have a copy of your agreement of sale with you, including all addenda as well as copies of receipts for work done by seller as a result of your inspection negotiations.

What should you look for on your final walk thru?

At the walk thru be sure all items included with the sale are left at the property and in the condition as agreed to with the Seller.  You’ll want to confirm that all items excluded from the sale of the property have been removed from the property.  The property should be in similar condition on Settlement Day as it was when you walked thru it, perhaps weeks, or sometimes months, prior.  Confirm any items Seller agreed to repair are in working order.

Check the major systems: heating, air conditioning, plumbing.  Make sure all are working or in a condition as agreed upon during negotiations with the home seller.  Run the hot water at all sink locations thru the property.  Check water pressure, look for leaks and flush all toilets. Be sure all appliances, light fixtures, ceiling fans and installed wall/window A/C units are operable.  Check systems in all buildings, pools, etc. on the property.

How is a Seller expected to leave the home?

Unless agreed to in writing, a seller is not required to have the home professionally cleaned prior to Settlement Day. But, it is so nice when they do! Some sellers leave picture hooks in the walls and some remove the hooks, spackle and repaint.  If this is important to you, be clear in the Agreement, how you want the property left for you.

If any issues are found during the walk-thru, your Realtor will guide you thru the negotiation of these items PRIOR to Closing.  You will have little recourse after Settlement Day.

If you agreed to purchase any items outside of the contract, make sure they are left at the property. You should make arrangements for payment of those items separately from the Settlement of the property.

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