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The Old Cliché: Location, Location, Location

Everyone’s heard it, but there nothing more true when deciding on real estate; location is key. Bucks County has a lot to offer home buyers. It seems that there are pockets of this county that cater to everyone’s needs. We’ve decided to list some of the major factors that should influence where you would like to be in our area.

A good place to start is asking yourself ‘Why?’

There are several major reasons why people decide to move, and each one of them can help determine the location of your new home. It all comes down to what’s most important to you and your family.


Where you work is a very important factor when deciding where to move. After all, who wants a long and dreadful commute? Finding a location close to major road arteries can help get you to the major work hubs so that job changes and commutes don’t alter your lifestyle all that much.


Families with children will want to pay very close attention to the school systems. What programs are available? How does each school/district perform? These are all very important considerations. It is also no secret that school systems influence the tax rates which add to yearly ownership costs. If you happen to have no children or if they are grown, you might choose to avoid expensive districts so that taxes have a lower impact on your budget.


If you want the convenience and amenities of a city, there is a bounty of options in Bucks County. Stroll down the street to a favorite coffee shop or be within arm’s reach of entertainment, dining and shopping. Or, if you want a stunning view, lush greens and animal life around you, head to the many suburbs and rural areas our county has to offer. Find a big back yard for barbeques or a perfect road for your morning bike ride.


When choosing on a location for your next home, it is important to consider the community and how important having one (or not) is to you. If you want to surround yourself with small businesses and build relationships with neighbors, then a suburb or city location might be good for you. If your priority is privacy and community involvement isn’t high on the list, then a rural location would be ideal.


It’s no surprise that houses take work to maintain and keep up, both inside and out. When deciding on where you want to live, you have several options. If you are handy and enjoy working on your home and tending to lawns and gardens then a house would be a perfect option for you. Or, if you would rather limit the time spent on upkeep, then a subdivion or town home would be easier to maintain and require less time and energy. In some cases, home owners associations (HOA) are set up where lawn care, snow removal and other amenities are handled for you for a monthly membership fee.

Whether you already know what you are looking for or need help deciding on the perfect location for you and your family, give Class-Harlan Real Estate a call. With decades of experience and an intimate knowledge of the Bucks county area, you will be in great hands. Click here to contact our office today to get started with one of our exceptional agents.