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Overview of Pennsylvania Assisted Living Facilities

An Assisted Living Residence (ALR) in Pennsylvania is defined as “a significant long-term care alternative to allow individuals to age in place…and develop and maintain maximum independence, exercise decision-making and personal choice.”

Assisted living in Pennsylvania is also available through Personal Care Homes (PCH). There are three main differences between an assisted living residence and a personal care home:

Concept – An ALR is designed to allow residents enjoying assisted living in Pennsylvania to “age in place,” meaning that they will not be relocated to a different long-term care facility when their needs increase.
Construction – In a PCH, residents live in bedrooms that may be shared with up to three other people. An ALR room is similar to a studio apartment in the sense that the resident will have a private living space with their own kitchen and bathroom.
Level of Care – In line with the first difference, ALRs offer changing services so that a resident may advance to a nursing home level of care when necessary. When living in a PCH, a person must transfer to another facility when his/her health needs become too great, as a PCH is prohibited from providing acute medical care. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION