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Must Have Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

Nothing beats the feeling a first-time homeowner has when they unlock the front door and step into their new home for the very first time. Thoughts of what furniture or drapes to buy or whether to keep the carpet or lay down some fresh hardwood...

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Top 10 Tricks for Writing a Stand Out Offer

Buying a home isn't as simple as saying "I'll take it!" and writing a check for the down payment. A lot goes into closing the deal, including negotiations on price, inspections, dealing with the bank, and more. Most importantly though, just li...

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Why Home Buyer Qualifications Matter to the Seller

Selling a home is a momentous occasion to say the least, but nothing beats that feeling of getting an offer after all the work that went into listing the home and preparing for each showing. But before popping the champagne, there’s one v...

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The Importance of Curb Appeal

Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA offer stunning landscapes, long distance vistas, rivers, lakes, farmland and an abundant assortment of living options. A simple Sunday drive can easily turn into a dream home window-shopping excursio...

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The Appraisal Process in a Real Estate Transaction

Appraisals are often a very important part of a real estate transaction, particularly when it comes to lending. Nearly all lenders will want to see that the subject property appraises at or above the purchase price in a transaction. The main re...

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Stucco Repairs & Considerations in Real Estate

When choosing a home, the risk of hidden damage and potential for high maintenance costs down the road should always factor into your purchasing decision. One of the first places to look is in the building materials used; certain materials ...

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